Loss Motion Latch Pin – X-Mate, 1GS, VIII, 1690
Flo-Stop® Device – X-Mate, 1GS, VIII
Reinforced Spout Bushing – X-Mate*, 1GS**, VIII
Behind of Spout Sensing Port – X-Mate, 1GS, VIII, 1690
Steam Shaper® – X-Mate*, 1GS**
Delrin Tipped Stem – X-Mate, 1GS, VIII
Torsion Clip Spring – X-Mate, 1GS, VIII
3 Position Hold Open Clip – X-Mate, 1GS, VIII
Full Metal Hand Guard – X-Mate, 1GS, VIII, 1690
Increased Pressure Closing Poppet – X-Mate, 1GS, VIII, 1690
Anti-Air Lock Feature – 1GS
Dual Poppet – VIII, 1690
*Smaller spout version as standard, larger spout version optional with Stream Shaper® spout assembly.
**Optional with Stream Shaper® spout assembly.