Features Explained


Loss Motion Latch Pin

Decreases unwanted click offs and splash back spills by using a spring loaded diaphragm.

Patented Flo-Stop® Device

Shuts off nozzle to prevent loss of fuel or spillages if nozzle falls from the fill tank or is raised above the horizontal.

Reinforced Spout Bushing

A reinforced nozzle to ensure no distortion or wear after excessive use. This prevents unwanted click offs or splash back.

Sensing Port Behind Spout

Instead of the sensor being on the end, it is located right behind the spout. This means that the sensor is more protected, increasing its sensitivity and reducing the risk of unwanted click offs.

Patented Stream Shaper®

Reduces the amount of turbulence when dispensing by restricting the velocity, this gives a straighter fuel flow and reduces splash back and spillages.

Delrin Tipped Stem

Decreases the wear on the lever pad, therefore allows a better low flow shut off.

Torsion Clip Spring

This enhances the durability of the lever and as a result prevents breakages.

3 Position Hold Open Clip

This enables the user to hold the nozzle with the hold open latch on with one hand.

Full Metal Hand Guard

Improves the durability of the grip.

Increased Pressure Closing Poppet

If someone stands on the hose or any pressure is applied the poppet will shut off the nozzle, consequently reducing the risk of spillages.

Anti-Air Lock Feature

The nozzle does not need to be removes from the hose when is needs priming.

Dual Poppet

In a high pressure system it makes it easier to open the nozzle.