Husky Fuel Nozzles

Husky Fuel Nozzles


Husky Fuel Nozzles are a brand of high spec fuel nozzles manufactured in the US. They are extremely durable, have a long service life and are built to last. In the refuelling market, it is thought that Husky is one of the leading brands. They include a vast range of features which makes them a more preferable choice. When looking to buy a Husky Nozzle it is important to know what makes them stand out from the rest. With all of their extra features it can sometimes be confusing when selecting a nozzle, this site explains and states all features of each nozzle type comprehensively and in depth allowing you to select the right nozzle for your application. Husky Fuel Nozzles


Loss Motion Latch Pin - X-Mate, 1GS, VIII, 1690
Flo-Stop® Device - X-Mate, 1GS, VIII
Reinforced Spout Bushing - X-Mate*, 1GS**, VIII
Behind of Spout Sensing Port - X-Mate, 1GS, VIII, 1690
Steam Shaper® - X-Mate*, 1GS**
Delrin Tipped Stem - X-Mate, 1GS, VIII
Torsion Clip Spring - X-Mate, 1GS, VIII
3 Position Hold Open Clip - X-Mate, 1GS, VIII
Full Metal Hand Guard - X-Mate, 1GS, VIII, 1690
Increased Pressure Closing Poppet - X-Mate, 1GS, VIII, 1690
Anti-Air Lock Feature - 1GS
Dual Poppet - VIII, 1690
*Smaller spout version as standard, larger spout version optional with Stream Shaper® spout assembly.
**Optional with Stream Shaper® spout assembly.


Loss Motion Latch Pin
Decreases unwanted click offs and splash back spills by using a spring loaded diaphragm.
Patented Flo-Stop® Device
Shuts off nozzle to prevent loss of fuel or spillages if nozzle falls from the fill tank or is raised above the horizontal.
Reinforced Spout Bushing
A reinforced nozzle to ensure no distortion or wear after excessive use. This prevents unwanted click offs or splash back.
Sensing Port Behind Spout
Instead of the sensor being on the end, it is located right behind the spout. This means that the sensor is more protected, increasing its sensitivity and reducing the risk of unwanted click offs.
Patented Stream Shaper®
Reduces the amount of turbulence when dispensing by restricting the velocity, this gives a straighter fuel flow and reduces splash back and spillages.
Delrin Tipped Stem
Decreases the wear on the lever pad, therefore allows a better low flow shut off.
Torsion Clip Spring
This enhances the durability of the lever and as a result prevents breakages.
3 Position Hold Open Clip
This enables the user to hold the nozzle with the hold open latch on with one hand.
Full Metal Hand Guard
Improves the durability of the grip.
Increased Pressure Closing Poppet
If someone stands on the hose or any pressure is applied the poppet will shut off the nozzle, consequently reducing the risk of spillages.
Anti-Air Lock Feature
The nozzle does not need to be removes from the hose when is needs priming.
Dual Poppet
In a high pressure system it makes it easier to open the nozzle.

Popular Models

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Husky 1GS

Husky 1GS Automatic Nozzle The Husky 1GS Diesel Nozzle is the most popular automatic shut off version within the Husky nozzle offering. The 1GS has a higher flow rate, this means that the nozzle is designed for the clean and quick refuelling of vehicles with larger tanks, as well as agricultural and plant machinery. Like the other Husky fuel nozzles, the 1GS has an integrated device known as the Flo-stop®, which shuts […]

Husky VIII

Husky VIII Highflow Automatic Diesel Nozzle, 250 lpm The Husky VIII Diesel Nozzle is a durable and heavy duty automatic shut off nozzle, designed for the high flow refuelling of large agricultural and plant machinery. Thanks to its incorporated Flo-stop® device, the VIII Husky fuel nozzle shuts off the flow of fuel when the spout is raised above the horizontal or fall from the fill point. This fuel nozzle […]

Husky 1690

Husky 1690 1.5 Inch Automatic Diesel Nozzle, 375 lpm The Husky 1690 Diesel Nozzle is an extremely heavy duty, automatic nozzle for high flow, bulk fuel transfer for applications including rail, tanker or filling fuel storage tanks. Specially designed for heavy duty applications, this Husky fuel nozzle benefits from a right angle design allowing the nozzle to fit close to walls and corners and has a large hand opening […]

Husky X-Mate

Husky X-Mate (1+10) Automatic Diesel Nozzle – 60 lpm The entry level, automatic shut off model within the Husky nozzle range is the Husky X-Mate Diesel Nozzle. Thanks to its smaller spout and good flow rates, it is ideal for the safe and efficiency refuelling of small commercial vehicles and passenger cars. As with all Husky fuel nozzles, the X-Mate comes with the patented Flo-stop® function […]